Thursday, April 12, 2018

mBlock 3 Arduino Extension for 2-Wheel Robot Car

This project is for 9 year old students to able to program this robot car. It uses mBlock (Scratch-based) with drag-and-drop programming.

We are introducing robotics and programming to 9 year old primary students with extreme budget constraint. With some research, we managed to come up with this solution. I will hereby share the material and idea behind this project.

mBlock 3 is built based on Scratch 2.0. Scratch is a programming tools for kids; it allows kids to program code by dragging and dropping the "blocks". mBlock enhances Scratch to allow it to talk to Arduino.

What I had done was build an extension for mBlock 3 with predefined parameters to allow the kids to instruct the robot car to move or play music.

Detailed instruction is included, click here for detail.

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