Saturday, May 8, 2010

Machine Image Tool - A GUI Disk Dump Tool

While involving in cloud computing project, migrate virtual machine image is a common activity in order to use current virtual machine image in EUCALYPTUS environment.

However, for non technical people to
  1. mount a loop file, 
  2. list the partition in the mounted loop file and
  3. using disk dump (dd) to dump the partition to a file
is really not a straight forward job. To ease the user, I had build a java based GUI tool to solved the problem.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grid Monitoring Tool

Most of the distributed system like grid or cloud is using ganglia as resource monitoring tool. Out of the box solution provided by ganglia is powerful and useful enough for operation center. However, in term of flexibility and ease of integration to external application, is not straight forward.

I had designed and developed a web apps that run on top of ganglia with few enhanced features as below.
  1. Process and save ganglia gmetad xml file to relational database
  2. API and hook to process user defined data in gmetad XML
  3. Event triggering and configuration
  4. Threshold configuration
  5. Job monitoring and statistic
  6. New UI and data presentation to give new better overview of resource status
  7. Data mining and report generation
  8. User authentication and authorization

Friday, April 30, 2010

Get Microsoft Window Administrator Password from Amazon EC2 Instance

Who ever use Amazon EC2 Window instance will know that for the first launch of the instant, you need to use ec2-get-password command line tool to retrieve the preset administrator password. For a non technical user, this is a barrier to use EC2.

Lately, my ex colleague team is building a web application to ease the user to use EC2 and Eucalyptus service. Above problem is a major problem for them too because it involve x509 certificate and encrypted string that gathered from EC2 API.