Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Journey of Anet A8 Part 2 - Upgrades & Mods

Identify, study and solving the issues always is an enjoyment for me. As in my first print of the 3DBenchy that shown in the previous post - The Journey of Anet A8 Part 1 - Setup & Stock Printing, I knew my printer is not optimized.

This post records all my journey on the upgrades, mods, tuning I had done at my printer.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Journey of Anet A8 Part 1 - Setup & Stock Printing

After 1 years of dragging, finally i brought a 3D printer. As the engineer, maker and beginner, I had chose a DIY and cheapest 3D printer I can get in market - Anet A8 which cost me USD 145/= together with 1 Kg of white PLA filament.

This post will record first month of my experience with Anet A8 start with setting up hardware to printing experience.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

mBlock 3 Arduino Extension for 2-Wheel Robot Car

This project is for 9 year old students to able to program this robot car. It uses mBlock (Scratch-based) with drag-and-drop programming.

We are introducing robotics and programming to 9 year old primary students with extreme budget constraint. With some research, we managed to come up with this solution. I will hereby share the material and idea behind this project.

mBlock 3 is built based on Scratch 2.0. Scratch is a programming tools for kids; it allows kids to program code by dragging and dropping the "blocks". mBlock enhances Scratch to allow it to talk to Arduino.

What I had done was build an extension for mBlock 3 with predefined parameters to allow the kids to instruct the robot car to move or play music.

Detailed instruction is included, click here for detail.

Workspace Environment Monitor - enVMon

Ever care about the place you may spend one-third of a day? enVMon captures noise level, air quality, UV level, temperature and humidity.

This monitoring station will monitor the Ultra-Violet and sound level, temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2). All the above parameters are the common factors for a safe working environment.

The objective of this project is to place this monitoring station in the working environment and monitor it, compare the data and send notifications when the parameters reach the threshold.

Detail of the project is at here.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Susurri - The Secret Message Service

Susurri is a working prototype that I had build for TADHack 2016 Kuala Lumpur. By utilizing the Cisco Tropo service to create a platform to let people leave a message with password protected. Then others can retrieve and listen to the message as long as they have the password.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tool for encode, decode and formatter for common use data

After long 4 years, finally get a technical oriented job again. No more manager but solution architect. In this post I will share a web tool able to below task

  1. Hex - Ascii Converter
  2. Base64 encoder and decoder
  3. BCD encoder and decoder 
  4. ASN.1 Decoder 
  5. XML Formatter 
  6. JSON Formatter 
  7. CSS Formatter 
  8. SQL Formatter 

Hereby is the link J.Dencoder

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Password-less SSH Authentication Validation

Password-less SSH login is widely use inside a trusted network. System administrator will use this method to remotely execute some task specially in a batch scripting. However, this method sometime may failed in certain circumstances for example host name change, accidentally remove the public key or private key or run the script using different user.

So validation and alerting is very important on Password-less SSH Authentication. Hereby is the script to perform validation, it has been tested on RHEL and CentOS.