Saturday, May 28, 2011

Symfony Admin Generator Framework Skeleton

Symfony is a very useful PHP framework, specially the admin generator features! Just define the database schema, run few command and without writing a single code (errr.... sort of) the basic CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) functionality is ready! In addition, table listing, search features (with filtering function) and batch action is there too! It's amazing and thanks to Symfony developer effort on this.

However, the output still lack of other essential features like
  • Site header and site footer
  • User authentication, user account, user permission and user group.
  • Menu system
  • and so on....

Friday, May 13, 2011

PHP Pear Mail Test Kit

Requested by the support team, I had build a PHP page that able to test the functionality of the PHP Pear Mail module.

The features included
  • Validate installation of PEAR
  • Validate installation of PEAR Mail module
  • Support all send mail options that supported by PEAR Mail - mail, direct sendmail, SMTP.
  • Enable or disable SMTP authentication.
  • Full validation on user input
  • ALL in a SINGLE file, easy to install.