Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Download: Cheat Sheet For Designing Web Forms - Smashing UX Design

Free Download: Cheat Sheet For Designing Web Forms - Smashing UX Design:

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Panes Freezer - The jquery plugin


When working with large table, it gets a bit frustrating, when you go to read the data in a distant row or column and the headings at the top of the page or down the side of the sheet disappear.

If you are like me, you're never quite sure if you are looking in the right spot so you scroll back and forth trying to read first the heading and then the data, heading then the data, until you're almost sure you have it right.

To avoid this back and forth waste of time, use this jquery plugin. This plugin allows you to lock specific rows and columns so that they will always be visible on screen no matter how far you scroll to the right or down.

Idea of this plugin is no existing coding modification need to be done, just with additional <DIV> and call the plugin code shown below, that's all!

    'headerrow': 1,
    'headercolumn' : 1


Supported browser

Below table show the supported browser for this plugin
No Browser Version OS Support
1 Google Chrome  14.0.835.202 m Windows 7 Y
2 Firefox  7.0 Windows 7 Y
3 Safari 5.1 Windows 7 Y
4 Internet Explorer 9 n/a n


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Github page -
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

MySQL Schema and Index Optimization Example

Transaction logging is a essential activity for telco industry. These records are important to resolve customer dispute or technical support activity. This post will discuss about MySQL schema and index optimization on a table that store huge amount (20 Millions ++ per day in one table) of transaction record.