Saturday, May 8, 2010

Machine Image Tool - A GUI Disk Dump Tool

While involving in cloud computing project, migrate virtual machine image is a common activity in order to use current virtual machine image in EUCALYPTUS environment.

However, for non technical people to
  1. mount a loop file, 
  2. list the partition in the mounted loop file and
  3. using disk dump (dd) to dump the partition to a file
is really not a straight forward job. To ease the user, I had build a java based GUI tool to solved the problem.

Following is the main features for Machine Image Tool (mitool)
  • Export partition to new loop file
  • Support Partition - primary
  • Support loop file format - RAW
It able to read a machine image in RAW format (qcow and VMDK not yet support) then show user all the partitions that contain in the machine image.  User can select a partition and export to a file. The exported file then can use as the disk image in EUCALYPTUS cloud computing platform.

To have a try on this tool, please visit


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